Commercial flooring requires proper maintenance

The floors are really important aspects of all commercial environments. It is often required that commercial flooring is attractive, easy to maintain and have a long life. The maintenance of commercial flooring is for this reason of greatest importance. Properly maintained commercial flooring can remain attractive and have a very long life.

Twister™ on commercial flooring

The cleaning system Twister™ is ideal for commercial flooring as it cleans and polishes the floor simultaneously. This allows the floor to maintain its shine and strength. What makes Twister™ great compared to other solutions is that the quality of the commercial flooring can be kept at a constantly high. Other, poorer solutions never manage to regain the floor’s original appearance and the floor constantly gets worse. In the end a major upgrade or a complete new installation is required. With Twister™ however, this is not necessary.

HTC Superfloor™

Beneath almost any floor are concrete. Previously, this concrete was always covered with some kind of coating but a much better alternative is to polish the concrete to an HTC Superfloor™. The ultimate commercial flooring.